Explore the life-changing power of pleasure...

Why Pleasure matters

Traditionally we are taught the way to creating the life we want is through discipline, hard work, emotional/physical/spiritual sacrifice , living at a fast pace, and living without.

But what if there was another way…a path that could compliment or even replace the traditional path?

What if the key to wellness, abundance, and creating a life you love on your own terms was allowing more pleasure into your life?

Ever wonder what would open up to you if you said “yes” to life in a big way, stop putting off travel and adventure, and slowed down enough to listen to the call of your soul?

Tired of reading about La Dolce Vita and ready to start LIVING it?

Then it's time to "retreat yourself" at The Pleasure Path!


"Being a part of the inaugural The Pleasure Path Retreat was the best decision of my life! This was a life-altering experience for me, lead by the very capable Anita Avalos."

Tricia Laird- Las Vegas, Nevada

What we cover + our Itinerary


Through movement, writing, workshops, and daily ADVENTURES, you will get in touch with your soul’s deepest desires, heal your relationship with your body and food, reconnect with and envision the life you REALLY want to create, and use pleasure as the gateway to get there.

Some of the areas we will cover include are:

  • The Art of Authentic Sensuality

  • The Healing Power of Slow

  • Embodiment and Body-Food Freedom

  • Why “Unstructuring” Your Life is Key

  • Balancing the “Doing” and the “Feeling” In Your Life

  • Creating Authentic Confidence

  • How to Cultivate Trust Within Yourself, With Others, and With Life

  • How to Live an Intuitively Guided Life

  • Feminity as a Gift

  • Dance, Yoga,Hikes.

Here's a Rundown of our day to day schedule:

Day 1- Saturday

Our driver will pick you and your fellow traveling companions up at Lucca’s train station and whisk you away into the Tuscan hillside and to our beautiful villa. You’ll drop your bags and instantly relax into the breathtaking views from our villa. Dinner will follow (with wine) as well as an opportunity to connect with your group and settle into your new digs.
Wake up the next day and pinch yourself….you really are in Tuscany!

Day 2- Sunday

This will be a day to take it slow. After a relaxing breakfast, you’ll join Anita and your group for a mini-workshop and some movement. There will be plenty of time for a leisurely lunch, time by the pool, and even a hike around the grounds (think olive trees, birds, rolling hills, and picturesque views…literally a postcard worthy shot at every turn). Then, you’ll go for a wine tasting at a nearby winery….sip on local wines, eat local cheeses and meats, go to bed happy and satisfied.

Day 3- Monday

After breakfast and a mini-workshop, you’ll gear up for a day in the historical center of Lucca, also known as going “inside the wall”. With Anita as your guide, you’ll bike around the enchanting walled city, have the best panino of your life, do a little shopping along the famous Via Fulingo, stop for a glass of wine or an Aperol Spritz, and perhaps end your day with a scoop (or two) of gelato. Our driver will take you back to the Villa for some down time and then a delicious dinner outside.



"I made the right decision when I decided to come to this retreat. It was exactly what I need it! Anita made sure all our needs were met above expectations. She has a caring fun-loving spirit that is infectious and she is a pleasure to be around."

Fabiana Makon- Vancover, Canada

Day 4- Tuesday

Nourish yourself the Italian way. You’ll enjoy your breakfast outside, meet for a midday workshop and movement session, chill by the pool or nap (ideally, both!) and then get ready for a dinner like no other! Guided by a local Italian chef, you’ll prepare a 3-course, authentic Tuscan meal from scratch. Once you’re done, enjoy the fruits of your labor, raise a glass of wine, and “mangiare”!

Day 5- Wednesday

It’s going to be a big day!! After breakfast, you’ll head with your crew to the famous area of the Italian Rivera known as the Cinque Terre. Your driver will take you to La Spezia, where you’ll bounce from one small town to the next, spending most of the day in Vernazza for lunch, gelato, and sight-seeing and Monterosso’s umbrella-lined beaches for some time in the sun with a Spritz in hand. Once back in the villa, you’ll enjoy the Italian staple and favorite time of the day, Apertivo, followed by a light-dinner by the pool. Laugh and talk about your favorite moments of the day with your travel crew and maybe take one last dip in the pool before you head to sleep.



"The Pleasure Path Retreat was absolutely delightful! Anita put her heart and soul into every moment and it showed!"

Pamela Cisneros- Nashville, Tennessee

Day 6- Thursday

Today you will split your time at the villa and then back into the walled city of Lucca.

After breakfast, you’ll have your daily mini-workshop and movement session. You’ll then have time to yourself to relax amongst the villa’s grounds, followed by lunch and perhaps some time by the pool with your favorite book. You might want to take a nap too, because it’s going to be a fun-filled evening in the heart of Lucca. Our driver will take you into the historical center where you’ll enjoy the best apertivo in town followed by dinner at Lucca’s finest restaurant. Trust us…it will be a memorable dining experience in the best city in Tuscany…maybe even the best meal of your life.

Day 7- Friday

It’s your last full day of the retreat…you’ll want to enjoy the beauty of the villa, take final pictures, bring it all full circle.

Today, you’ll have a day to relax, nap, hang by the pool, take a hike, or wonder the grounds.
It will also be your biggest dive into the heart of using pleasure to shift your life. This day will have one final workshop, followed by a movement session. You’ll spend time integrating all you’ve learned, tasted, experienced, and felt during your week retreat and how you’ll bring it back into your everyday life. All three meals will be at the villa and we will make your final dinner extra special for you and your crew, who will feel like family.

Day 8- Saturday

Sadly, it’s time to go. Have one last breakfast and then our driver will take you and the crew to the Lucca train station. You can opt to spend the night in Lucca, travel to another beautiful city in Italy, go somewhere else fabulous in Europe, or possibly travel home (depending on flights available…we’d recommend you wait until the following day to head back home but it’s up to you.) Whatever you do, you’ll be glowing and grinning from ear to ear, knowing you made a decision that forever shifted the way you relate to your body, to food, and your life….and most likely, you’ll already be planning to come back next year.


Now It's Your Turn...